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My story

How it all began

There must have been a moment, one winter morning in the beginning of the 90s when, like every morning, I looked in the mirror. As opposed to other mornings, on that day there was a question in front of the face in the mirror: "Do you intend to do this job your whole life?" The answer was waiting for me on the other side. On that morning, which, truth be told, I can’t even remember clearly – because it had been preceded by many others on which this, at first foggy, question had emerged – I quit my old, safe but also boring job and I embarked on the adventure of private entrepreneurship. Thus Encian was born.

Having founded it, figuratively speaking, with my bare ten fingers, and having been persistently building it over the last quarter of the century, it is still today the source of my greatest thrills and my deepest frustrations. Having your own company couldn’t be any different – a project, a baby, a business – is an unbreakably intertwined network of memories, intense emotions and years of invested work, both your own and those of hundreds of people who have passed through the company.

Each and every one of them has left a trace. There is one thing I don’t doubt - if Encian continues to exist for the next 25 years and reaches its 50th birthday (!), that will be in a completely different time, at the very least equally different than the one from the beginning of the 90s versus today. It will be with completely different people, and possibly with a different owner but, hopefully, still driven by the same dream – producing ideas and material goods which help people, or at least indulge them, and remaining a dignified and pleasant workplace for its employees, so that they will want to work here until retirement. Such a legacy of an idea conceived on a distant winter morning would be my greatest accomplishment.

Important moments

9 April 1992 - Encian herbal pharmacy was opened

1993 - The company of Encian started its work. First big success with Top Slim tea and Pektizym tablets.

1994 – We started representing the brands Ortis (fruit cubes) and Mestemacher (Viola muesli and prolonged shelf-life bread).

1995 – The launch of apple cider vinegar product line in the form of capsules, liquid and effervescent tablets.

1996 – We started representing the brand Alpro.

1997 – The building of the business-logistics facility in Donji Stupnik was finished.

1999 – First export.

2003 – The launch of our brand Snaga prirode (Nature’s Strength) and the beginning of an intense growth period.

2009 – Consolidation and rebranding of Encian’s portfolio by introducing the recognizable magenta-white colour combination.

2010 - Zlatna kuna award for the best medium-sized company in Zagreb County.

2015 – Two new brands were launched - Happy Hemp and Superfoods by Encian.

Since 1992, we have been dedicated to promoting a healthier way of life. We wish to be of service to those who want to maintain a healthy diet and live a happy life.