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Salt mines have been present at the location for over 2 000 years, while the inhabitants of the Himalayas region use the pink rock salt for as long as they can remember.

Geologists estimate that the salt was formed 200 to 300 million years ago, from the original, primal sea which evaporated. The purity of the Himalayan pink salt is not dependant upon today's sea pollution. It is a completely natural salt containing no additives. The degree of the purity is such that, according to Codex Alimentarius, it may be used in unrefined form as table salt.

The pink Himalayan salt is a natural product, therefore, its colour may vary from batch to batch. The salt has a mild taste, and should be used in smaller quantities. The extracted salt is additionally sifted to prevent the formation of lumps. It should be ideally used as a spice for meat, fish, and vegetables

Method of storage: Keep in a dry place and at room temperature.

Country of origin: Pakistan

Importer into the Republic of Croatia: Encian d.o.o, Gospodarska 16 b, 10 250 Donji Stupnik, Croatia, Tel: 01/6531-111

Best before date and serial number: printed on the package

Net quantity: 500 g

Pink Himalayan salt is a natural rock salt of high quality, originating from the territory of Salt Range in Pakistan, near the Himalayas.