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Product description


Calcium is the most dominant mineral in the human body, needed for maintaining the healthy bones. Even though it is predominantly found in bones, it is also important for the normal muscle function. In addition to its numerous functions, magnesium inhibits and postpones calcium deposition in soft tissues, especially in urinary tracts. In this way, the usability of calcium is increased to maintain healthy bones.

The product of ESENCIA CALCIUM+MAGNESIUM+VITAMIN D contains calcium and magnesium in the 2:1 ratio, which is the optimum ratio, because their physiological relation in the organism is identical to the mentioned ratio.
In order to absorb calcium completely, this food supplement contains also vitamin D which contributes to the normal absorption / usability of calcium.

Ingredients: calcium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, gelatine capsule, anticaking agents: magnesium stearate, talc, colecalciferol, collorant: titanium dioxide.

Method of storage: Keep in a dry and dark place bellow 25°C.

Usage instructions: take 1 capsule 2 times per day with meal.


It contains calcium required for maintaining the healthy bones, and contributes to the normal muscle function.
It contains magnesium and vitamin D which help maintain healthy bones, and contribute to the normal muscle function.

Ingredients per 2-capsule serving (recommended daily dose): NRV*
Calcium 400 mg  (50%)
Magnesium 188 mg  (50%)
Vitamin D 2,5 µg (50%)

*NRV- nutrient reference value