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Care for the environment

Care for the environment

The protection, preservation and improvement of the environment is part of the business philosophy of gentian.

This is how we care about the environment:

1. Everyday we use materials that can be recycled

2. We care about packaging waste by category and give it to recycling

3. We are care about used toner cartridges, electronic waste, unused raw materials and finished products

4. We use cleaning agents after application, in contact with water or air quickly decompose and do not adversely affect the environment

5. Of energy use only electricity and gas

6. Office building is constructed of a material of high insulation values

7. In purchase we make sure that we buy equipment with high energy efficiency (air conditioners, monitors, refrigerators and the like.)

8. We use lighting, low consumption and high efficiency.

9. In our assortment we bring more and more products produced in an environmentally friendly way (products with organic certification)

10. We try to minimize the use of paper, and whenever is possible, we use paper on both sides.

11. In product design, we try to minimize packaging to be as less waste

Especially noteworthy is that no one product has not been tested on animals, and for individual components of the product we are looking for the same assurances from our suppliers.

Join us in our efforts. Used packaging please put in containers for recycling.