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Product description

It is suitable for making creams and cakes, and as an addition to coffee, tea, fruit juices, and other drinks. You may add it to your cereals or pap. Due to its unique flavour and aroma, but also its low glycaemic index which is just 35*, it is an excellent alternative to the sugar obtained from sugar cane and sugar beet. *High GI: >70, medium GI: 56-69, low GI: <55

Note: Shade of coconut sugar may vary from batch to batch, ranging from light brown to brown colour.

Method of storage: Keep in a dry place and at room temperature.

Country of origin: Indonesia

Importer into the Republic of Croatia: Encian d.o.o, Gospodarska 16 b, 10 250 Donji Stupnik, Croatia, Tel: 01/6531-111

Best before date and serial number: printed on the package

Net quantity: 200 g

Coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconut flower buds. A cut is made by hand on the coconut flower bud, and the sap, dripping from it, is collected into a container. After that, the sap is traditionally heated until all the liquid evaporates.

The end product resulting from the granulation process is a coconut sugar which is of light brown colour and caramel flavour. In Indonesia, it is traditionally used for cooking and sweetening, especially on the Java island.


Average nutritional values  per 100 g
Energy value 1645 kJ/387 kcal 1645 kJ/387 kcal
Fats 0,34 g
 of which saturated fatty acids​ 0 g
Carbohydrates ​ 94,66 g
of which sugars 82.62 g
Proteins 0,34 g
Salt​ 0,3 g