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Product description

Due to its alkaline effect, it is used as a natural acidity regulator in food products, in bakery products, and as a substance to make the dough rise.

Although it has many favourable properties, today baking soda has become unjustifiably forgotten; however, as the new findings come to light, it is making its huge comeback into a daily use and application.

It is suitable for oral consumption. It absorbs scents and moisture, cleans, and disintegrates impurities.

Ingredients: 100% sodium bicarbonate

Store conditions: In a dry, dark place up to 25 °C

Neto quantity: 500 g

Responsible for Republic of Croatia: Encian d.o.o., Gospodarska 16 b, Donji Stupnik, 10 250 Lučko, Hrvatska, tel.: +385 (1) 6531-111


Sodium hydrogen carbonate is a white crystal powder, slightly soluble in water, and the water solution is mildly alkaline because of the hydrolysis.