We are following our nature for 30 years.

We are following our nature for 30 years.

Why Encian?


Encian is the Croatian name of a plant that grows in inaccessible habitats, high in the mountains. It is characterized by intense blue blossoms, making it stand out in the world of plants.

The name is inseparable part of a company and it should symbolize the values that it stands for. In our case, it is the pursuit of life in harmony with nature.

The products we offer are a link between nature and people, and the welfare of our customers is the fundamental goal of our work.

Ivan Šikić
CEO and founder

Our team
Food is our basic necessity but also an important means towards a life filled with energy and happiness. For us, healthy food is both medicine and inspiration. These are the values we aim to share with our customers. We firmly stand behind our products and we ourselves use them every day. Moreover, none of our products are tested on animals.
We want to ensure that our customers have easy access to our products, at affordable prices everywhere in the country. Collaboration with our partners - stores and pharmacies - is invaluable in this respect, and we strive to develop the best possible relationships to provide end users with top service.
In Croatia and all over the world, it is our task to seek out food that is nutritious, with as few additives as possible, less processed, less treated, and that it travels the shortest possible distance from field to table. Of course, this is easier said than done, as there is so much food from all corners of the world, but we are succeeding.
Creating a new product is the most exciting part of our business. We know that our customers like to see them as well. Therefore, the presentation of every new "baby" fills us with pleasure, but also with anticipation, hoping that our customers will also love it. In short, we are proud of our own brands, but also of the foreign brands that we bring to the domestic market.
Mirna(quality control)
For thousands of years, plants and minerals were the only medications people had had. We use ancient knowledge, with modern insight, to produce natural nutritional supplements and to help our customers when they need it most.
Our creams, ointments and gels are produced to the highest standards of purity and quality. Easy to use, long-lasting action and help when most needed, these are the product features that we deliver to our customers every day.


Food, cosmetics and food supplements.



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